Founded in 2009 and going strong ever since, i3Detroit is what happens when a hundred-plus of metro Detroit’s most resourceful, energetic, and creative people join forces to create and share the ultimate DIY workshop. With everything from electronics and embroidery to serious metalworking machinery, projects done at i3 benefit from a dizzying array of capabilities. But it’s the members that add the magic: artists and engineers, makers and hackers, thinkers and doers, the collaboration between people at i3 is what takes this shared space beyond just an amazing basement or garage workshop, and into a class of its own. i3 Detroit is one of the largest maker spaces in the state of Michigan. The i3 Detroit team for Red Bull Creation is made up of Ken Seigner, Sean Denny, Ted Hansen and Marie-Therese Enga. In 2013, i3 won the People’s Choice Award for Red Bull Creation.