Maker Twins

June 10, 2013

The Maker Twins team includes identical twins Mike and Pat Murray, Adam Wheeler, Jesse Newsome, Kevin Korczyk , Jeff Williams  and Mark MacLeod.  We all work together in Television, Advertising and Interactive Media under the company name Union Digital Inc. Union Digital is a Non-Tradition Advertising and Film Company.  Everyone on our team is crossed [...]

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MB Labs

June 10, 2013

MB Labs is a team of diverse and active makers~ Harvey Moon, Hyuns Hong, Bill Fienup and David Hull. Harvey Moon is a new media artist working with emerging technologies finding new and creative ways of connecting people to the world around us. Hyuns Hong, an artist born in Seoul, Korea, received his BFA from Hong-ik University [...]


North Street Labs

June 10, 2013

North Street Labs is a small collection of friends that engineer things in their spare time as well as compete in international engineering competitions.  North Street Labs loves to invent, innovate, and create unusual and out of the box ideas. They self-fund all of their projects, dumpster-dive, and rip apart old junk to acquire the [...]


1.21 Jigawatts

June 10, 2013

1.21 Jigawatts are a local Minneapolis team of builders with a mix of expertise in technology and art. During the day we work as professionals in engineering and design. In our spare time, we build maniacal creations to inspire imagination and stretch mental know-how.

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i3 Detroit

June 10, 2013

i3 Detroit is a hackerspace in Metro-Detroit with over one hundred members. Being in the finals for the 3rd strait year, i3 Detroit’s New York team consists of Eric Merrill, Sean Denny, Rocco Marras, and Matt Oehrlein. Working on projects ranging from Power Wheels racers to fire-breathing iron monsters to art displays, they are prepared for [...]

RBC13 Skullduggery Photo

Skullduggery Systems

June 10, 2013

Skullduggery Systems is a group of MIT, CMU, and UCSD grads who live and work in San Diego. Brought together by our passion for solving complex problems with whatever tools are called for, be they custom circuit boards or high-voltage laser cutters, we spend our days dreaming up ways to put Watts to good use. [...]