Red Bull Creation Finalists

North Street Labs – “Red Bull Creation” Qualifier 2013.


“Tic Tac Woah”
Contact information:
Music: Virtuo System – Illusions
System utilizes:
RBC supplied Turbull Encabulator
Arduino Uno
Half a football field of 5050 RGB LED strips
80+ Pieces of custom cut Plexiglass
All CNC’ed birch plywood
12V AGM battery

Persistence by MB Labs- Red Bull Creation 2013 Qualifier Entry


Persistence is a six foot long robotic arm that uses ultraviolet LED’s to draw on a giant phosphorescent canvas. The machine talks to our web servers via a home-brewed API to draw your creations live.

Visit to submit your own drawing and watch it be drawn live on the web!

Maker Twins – Red Bull Creation 2013 Qualifier Entry


Maker Twins and company used the provided Turbull Encabulator and last years supplied Bullduino to create a multi-screen interactive video art display inside Cartel Coffee Lab in heart of Downtown Phoenix. We used 6 Parallax X band doppler radar detectors connected to inputs on the controller to sense motion on the sidewalk and trigger lights and video via the built in DMX feature. We wrote custom scripts in Modul8 to use the incoming DMX as triggers for our pre-produced video layers and or live particle generators. LED lights at each radar sensor showed users that they had control over the content displayed on each window the 6 sensors were mounted to. Much of the active layer content was filmed on green screen in the studio a few days prior to setting up in the coffee shop. We had a lot of friends help out on this build! We are grateful for everyone who donated time or materials and we had a lot of fun pulling this off in less than 15 days!

“99 (Red Bull)oons” by 1.21 Jigawatts – Red Bull Creation 2013 Qualifier Entry


1.21 Jigawatts 2013 entry to Red Bull Creation, 99 (Red Bull)oons. From The makers of Text the Bottle, Paper Trail and The hunt for Red September

“RainbowTron” by i3 Detroit – Red Bull Creation 2013 Qualifier Entry


i3 Detroit’s entry into the 2013 Red Bull Creation contest, the RainbowTron.

The RainbowTron is a large, touch interactive, LED board. It has 426 individually addressable RGB LEDs. The current software is a matrix sequencer, allowing you to place audio samples across the board, building up beats and music.

The board itself can be used for many interactions, not just the sequencer that is currently being displayed.

“Sky Striker” by Skullduggery Systems – Red Bull Creation 2013 Qualifier Entry


Skullduggery Systems – RedBull Creation Contest 2013 Entry

Modeled after the old “high striker” or “test your strength” carnival games… but taken to the extreme!
40 feet tall, with over 2,000 LEDs, over 3,000 lines of code, a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino Uno, a big hammer, and one emergency room trip.

We put the SKY STRIKER up on the UC San Deigo campus on a lively night right after sunset, and people couldn’t help but stop and take a swing!

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